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    Leveraging the existing public lighting infrastructure, teslights technology allows remote management of real-time lighting services, along with a host of additional services that significantly improve the quality of life of citizens while delivering a significant cost savings for cities.

TESLIGHTS has developed an open platform for the provision of services to citizens and intelligent control of cities


  • On and off automatically according to a schedule set and administrated by the integral astronomical clock.

  • Adjust the intensity of each light independently and at any time of day.

  • Installation of sensors that automatically adapt public lighting in response to weather, traffic, pedestrians, or other conditions.

  • Reduce maintenance costs by managing alarms in real time, allowing timely undertakings to provide quality service in replacing damaged equipment.


The Smart Cities Teslights solution is a real highway for communications, which can be leveraged by municipalities, maintenance companies, energy services, and communications operators for many subsequent years of service life, and city businesses still to be developed. This solution also allows the performance of all electrical panels in one operation from any location, without the need to move locations for each technical intervention. Additionally, Teslights Smart Cities solution enables remote upgrade of devices with embedded broadband technology.


  • Energy cost savings of up to 90% *.

  • Savings in maintenance costs up to 50% *.

  • Provision of services to citizens.

  • Interconnected cities, better prepared for demographic increases and intercity considerations.

  • Increased security for citizens.

  • Substantial improvement in quality of street lighting services.

  • Reduction of light pollution.

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Significant increase in the service life of the system.

  • Return on investment occurs starting in the short term.


Teslights Smart Cities solution has been developed by integrating into a comprehensive single platform:

  • Advanced sensing and control devices (called nodes) and LED Lighting installed in cities allows for the forward integration of limitless solutions for Smart Cities and the globally emergent Internet of Things.

  • Intelligent hubs manage network nodes and sensors, and communicate in real time with users through CMS, control centers, mobile devices, etc.

  • Software for the system management platform.

  • Everything elegantly interconnected, through the most modern communication technologies such as BPL, ZigBee or Wi-Fi, among others.​


Competitive advantages:​

  • High speed communication up to 200Mbps (real time information).

  • High robustness compared with other technologies (RF, or Narrow PLC).

  • Use of existing lighting infrastructure without laying new cabling or wiring.

  • Plug & Play user-friendliness. 

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