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The Linear Vapor Proof Fixtures are available in 2’ and 4’ lengths and are IP66 rated. There are different CCT variations such as White/ White, White/Amber/White, and White/Red/White. The White/White fixture has two 150lm/W internal LED strips so the fixture only illuminates White. They are perfect for engine and mechanical rooms, as well as living spaces. The White/Amber/White fixture has three 150lm/W internal LED strips so it can illuminate in either White or Amber.


Perfect for outside under overhangs so when someone is working they can illuminate in White, or when under-way they can illuminate in Amber. White/Red/White has three 150lm/W internal LED strips so it can illuminate in either White or Red.

They can be used in the Wheelhouse to illuminate White during the day/night, and Red at night when vision is an issue. All three colors meet the Navy color variance threshold so they work with any Navy application.

Teslights engineers are continuously developing new leading-edge technologies focused on delivering substantial reductions to energy consumption by as much as 80%, while notably improving the quality of illumination and extending operating life of each luminaire.


Teslights is proud to note that our LED LVP’s are environmentally friendly and designed to be extremely durable, while being resistance to shock, impact, and vibrations. All Teslights Luminaries are manufactured in Teslights facility under carefully controlled quality standards!

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