Green Light

Year-old Teslights LED lighting company can join PG&E rebate program Teslights, a year-old LED lighting company in Santa Rosa, has received approval to join a new PG&E rebate program for its business customers. The company, with its own manufacturing plant in China, sells lights that use less electricity than either indoor fluorescent lighting or the “metal halide” lamps often found above parking lots. The LED fixtures can be dimmed as needed, and the indoor light is typically available in three different color temperatures. “The quality of light and the savings in the electric bill are so huge,” said Marc Kelley. Teslights’ sales director. For example, a 32-watt fluorescent light for office

LED lights don’t attract insects. True or false?

Gordon Routledge, lighting expert and publisher of Lux, investigates a widely held belief about insects’ lighting preferences. Ultraviolet light has been exploited for years to lure ­flies to an early death by electrocution – as can be seen in the bug traps at any supermarket’s fresh meat counter. Over the years I have heard from numerous sources that, because LEDs don’t emit ultraviolet light, they don’t attract insects. t first glance the statement seems to pass the common sense test. I didn’t start to really question it until I left a retrofit LED bulb switched on to test in the garage for six months, during which time the diffuser accumulated a significant number of corn flies. If there’

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