8 Reasons People Are Switching from T8 Fluorescent to LED

For many years Linear Fluorescent Lights have been the go-to when it comes to lighting large indoor spaces. Fluorescent lamps are able to convert more input power into visible light than incandescent lamps, which of course made them quickly rise in popularity. They also typically last 10 – 20 times longer than an equivalent incandescent lamp which makes them less expensive to operate in the long run. That aside, there is a new lighting technology on the market now, and it’s giving linear fluorescents a major run for their money. Linear LED tubes are becoming more and more popular, and there’s no doubt that the technology is here to stay. Before, retrofitting a fluorescent high bay fixture me

Teslights Officially Commences North American Operations In Santa Rosa, California

Teslights Officially Commences North American Operations With Inaugural Offices Celebrating Grand Opening In Santa Rosa, California. Teslights LLC, the highly anticipated enterprise venture of visionary technology pioneer Fernando Cancela, proudly announced today the grand opening of new company office headquarters designed to project global capabilities for industrial growth into developed, underserved, and emerging markets with next-generation Smart LED Lighting and touchscreen-capable Smart energy management controls. As the global LED Lighting market continues to accelerate with a growth pace being clocked firmly in the double-digit billions (USD), Teslights’ emergent status as a rising

Teslights LLC Announces First Intercontinental Expansion And South American Operation

Teslights LLC Announces First Intercontinental Expansion And South American Operations Now Commencing From Primary Offices Opening In Montevideo, Uruguay. Teslights LLC, the LED industry’s most exciting rising star, proudly announced today the company’s first international expansion, and will officially begin South American operations from the World Trade Center in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Uruguay’s stature in the international community has always existed at a very high degree of exemplary statehood, due to government leadership consistently innovating intelligent national policies that have created comparatively superior circumstances for this American nation of 3.3 million peop

LED lighting to reach 32% of total lamp revenues in office lighting: IHS

July 3, 2015: LED lighting is forecast to reach 32% of total lamp revenue in office lighting this year, according to the latest projection by IHS, Inc. The total worldwide revenue for office lamps is projected at $3.5 billion, of which $1.2 billion is anticipated to be LED. The remainder is mostly fluorescent lighting. LED is gaining popularity in high-end installations in developed countries. And lighting designers are increasingly eschewing fluorescent lighting in their projects, in favor of LED. The key factors used to make decisions about office lighting installations are the following: upfront cost, running cost (i.e., electricity cost) and ease and frequency of maintenance. LED does we

Technology Entrepreneur Fernando Cancela Announces Formation Of New Venture

In a private ceremony today, visionary serial entrepreneur and technology industry veteran Fernando Cancela announced the formation of Teslights, a new LED Lighting manufacturing and technology consulting company that will focus on serving the fastest growing international markets with a proprietary product line of advanced Smart LED solutions engineered and produced in the company's own facilities. The formal launch of Teslights broadcasts the advent of a new quickening observed within the multi billion-dollar global LED industry, as founder Cancela enjoys an outstanding reputation in the international business media and investment communities. Mr. Cancela is known for being a thought leade

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