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Technology Entrepreneur Fernando Cancela Announces Formation Of New Venture

In a private ceremony today, visionary serial entrepreneur and technology industry veteran Fernando Cancela announced the formation of Teslights, a new LED Lighting manufacturing and technology consulting company that will focus on serving the fastest growing international markets with a proprietary product line of advanced Smart LED solutions engineered and produced in the company's own facilities.

The formal launch of Teslights broadcasts the advent of a new quickening observed within the multi billion-dollar global LED industry, as founder Cancela enjoys an outstanding reputation in the international business media and investment communities. Mr. Cancela is known for being a thought leader who consistently navigates his declared visions to successful fruition, with a multinationally-organized statesmanship of strategic superiority that cauterizes inefficiencies in markets disrupted along the way to captivating and satisfying end-user requirements.

The name selected for Mr. Cancela's new company highlights his admiring respect and credit to pioneering inventor Nikolai Tesla, whose inspirational genius uplifted humanity into an era of new possibilities for using naturally abundant energy to benefit mankind. True to Cancela's principles and faithful to Tesla's concepts, Teslights will offer a brand new full spectrum of LED products + advanced sensor and device configurations for our new age of IP-integrated commercial buildings, smart homes, facilities, and Smart Cities.

As conversions to LED Lighting, Smart energy control technologies, and the "Internet of Things" continue increasing in awareness with exponential popularity in every nation, Teslights arrival marks firm positioning to easily become the turning point for decision makers and facility managers who desire clear guidance to understand and evaluate the deep advantages found in LED Lighting and Teslight's easy-to-use wireless energy controls.

Teslights warmly welcomes our friends from around the world to join us in celebrating the birth of an awakening age of technology featuring sustainable new choices that will remarkably improve our conditions even while saving money and conserving Planet Earth's natural resources.

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