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Teslights International Company Limited inaugurated its new factory

Teslights International Company Limited opened the doors of its new factory on April 1 in Shenzhen, China, where the manufacturing headquarters of its products are located.

Although this factory is located in the same city as the previous one, it has several improvements, as well as new additions, to optimize the quality and efficiency of products and services.

The most important changes to highlight are:

  • Incorporation of an IP65 room (where tests are carried out against inclement weather)

  • Increase size of R&D room: As an engineering company, the development area is tripled to improve existing products and manufacture new products, now the company will be able to create its own drivers

  • Increase size of the aging room (where the luminaries are tested to detect any failure before the product reaches the customer): The company gas time, energy and money to make tests so that faults occur in the factory and not at the time of reaching the customer, it is for this reason, that the failure rate, once the product reaches the customer, is 2 X 1000.

  • Increase of the SMD line (surface mounting technology): the company incorporated two machines to position the LEDs on the plates automatically, the production will increase to 14,000 chips per hour.

Teslights International Company Limited welcomes you to visit what is believed to be one of the most advanced R & D centers for intelligent lighting, controls and peripherals.

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