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Montevideo will have 70,000 new luminaries

By 2018 will be expected the arrival of the first luminaire with its equipment, as well as the execution and placement.

The bidding process for the purchase of 70,000 LED luminaires and a smart control system in the city is progressing. The acquisition will transform the light network of Montevideo, with the placement of lamps that are characterized by lower energy costs, greater light power and environmental sustainability.

The director of our Technical Unit of Public Lighting (UTAP), Pablo Chavarria, said that nine tenders were presented, seven for the complete tender - 70 thousand luminarias - and two for 12 thousand luminaries. He explained that each proposal is currently analyzed from three aspects: the formal, the technical characteristics of the products and the management system.

Chavarría said is expected to have a resolution of these aspects between the middle and the end of August 2017. After making the offers selection, these will be put on display for 10 days and then proceed to open the economic proposal - second envelope - where the selection of the beneficiary will be in charge of Financial Resources.

"This is a year when we are verifying the products of the possible purchaser and the provisional reception of the merchandise, both in destination and in origin", he said. For 2018 will be expected the arrival of the first luminaire with its equipment, as well as the execution and placement. UTAP and the technical teams of the eight municipalities are diagraming a plan for the installation of the new streetlights. The Municipality will place 50 thousand luminaries, while 20 thousand will be placed by the beneficiary company.

Chavarría established that the tender documents include verification of the samples offered by the companies. "We created a scenario similar to the tender, where the luminaries of the majority item are installed and both suppliers and technical teams from the municipalities are invited to attend the trial. The measurements are recorded by an IM notary. We do not pretend that the results of these measures are equivalent to the scenarios of the bid, but we expect they are similar"; he said.

In case of doubts about the measurements, each of the luminaries could be sent to a laboratory - Engineering University in Uruguay or one of the region - to analyze the distribution of luminance. Then, the information is placed in the lighting calculation program and the new data is re-verified.

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