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Teslights LLC Announces First Intercontinental Expansion And South American Operation

Montevideo - Uruguay

Teslights LLC Announces First Intercontinental Expansion And South American Operations Now Commencing From Primary Offices Opening In Montevideo, Uruguay.

Teslights LLC, the LED industry’s most exciting rising star, proudly announced today the company’s first international expansion, and will officially begin South American operations from the World Trade Center in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

Uruguay’s stature in the international community has always existed at a very high degree of exemplary statehood, due to government leadership consistently innovating intelligent national policies that have created comparatively superior circumstances for this American nation of 3.3 million people.

Montevideo was recently declared the #1 Best City to Live in Latin America (Mercer 2015) while Pulizer prize-winning bestselling author and economist Thomas Friedman praises, “Uruguay has leapt ahead of its neighbors by being the first to understand what could be done…in today’s world”.

As the global LED Lighting market continues to accelerate with a growth pace being clocked firmly in the double-digit billions (USD), Teslights’ emergent status as a rising industry authority for innovation is expected to only increase, fueled by economically-inspired traction for conversions to Smart LED technologies.

Teslights warmly invites facility managers, building owners, and decision makers to learn exactly how our metrics-driven sustainable technologies can deliver superior cost savings promptly and directly, while drastically increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance requirements.

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