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Teslights Officially Commences North American Operations In Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa - California

Teslights Officially Commences North American Operations With Inaugural Offices Celebrating Grand Opening In Santa Rosa, California.

Teslights LLC, the highly anticipated enterprise venture of visionary technology pioneer Fernando Cancela, proudly announced today the grand opening of new company office headquarters designed to project global capabilities for industrial growth into developed, underserved, and emerging markets with next-generation Smart LED Lighting and touchscreen-capable Smart energy management controls.

As the global LED Lighting market continues to accelerate with a growth pace being clocked firmly in the double-digit billions (USD), Teslights’ emergent status as a rising industry authority for superior innovation is expected to only increase ahead, fueled by the economically-inspired popularity traction towards conversions to Smart LED technologies.

Teslights’ strategy in site selection clearly communicates founder Cancela’s serious intent for globally terraforming LED technology adoption around the world by staffing company-owned operational centers at key strategic points internationally in support of regional client installations and to facilitate distribution logistics.

In his professional career as a hands-on founder, inventor, investor and business leader, Cancela has founded a number of successful companies in the technology and venture capital fields, and he is the original founder of California’s most successful Lighting manufacturing company in modern history.

Teslights will officially commence business in North America from a Class A primary office compound at Corporate Center Business Park in Santa Rosa, just north of the San Francisco Bay Area, among the beautiful rolling hills of California’s Wine Country.

Teslights welcomes all inquiries from facility decision makers in retail, commercial, industrial, and governmental properties requiring the benefits accruable with LED Lighting conversion cost savings and Smart Total Energy Management.

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