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Welcome Gabriela, welcome future, we are growing up

Teslights LLC proudly announced today the recent appointment of international business executive Gabriela Pérez Céspedes formally to the Office of the Vice Presidency.

As a seasoned multilingual professional, Ms. Pérez arrives to her new role well-proven as a strategically versatile force capable of conducting great changes to the business landscape. During her tenure as Managing Director for a multinational consortium of start-up companies, she became recognized for the formidable and respected reputation she earned by leading unparalleled industrial expansions throughout the nations of the Americas. Ms. Pérez' new incoming role as Vice President is a key anticipated sign for industry observers monitoring the growth velocity of companies like Teslights within the context of an industry estimated globally in the double-digit billions and growing. Currently, Ms. Pérez can be found presiding over Teslight’s multilateral negotiations involving the installation of an advanced manufacturing facility for specialized LED assemblies in Brazil, slated for reaching full production capacity well ahead of 2016’s locally hosted Summer Olympic Games. Ms. Pérez’ appointment to the role acutely highlights the company's stated visions for expanding boldly and systematically into strategically emergent global markets with Teslight's superior Smart LED products and technology solutions.

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