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Teslights officially open its new Smart LED linear production line

Teslights LLC proudly celebrates public announcement of our new state-of-the art production facilities now open in Shenzhen, an international trade and technology center along China's coast, in the region known by companies including Apple as the "Silicon Valley of the East".

Shenzhen's trade status as a Special Economic Zone allows innovative companies such as Teslights to strategically position global operations for confident growth, firmly establishing forward-assured scalability for manufacturing the company's Smart LED products and energy control components. With patents pending for advanced LED technology applications, Teslight's ownership control over production facilities demonstrates long-term commitment to securing the global-class industrial capacity necessary for leading the industry and meeting advanced market demands.

Teslight's new facilities are anticipated to accelerate 2016 scheduled delivery projections for new products and intelligent connectivity control solutions for all commercial, industrial, and municipal customers worldwide.Even as Teslights engineers and executives celebrated the grand factory launch with local luminaries and international guests, company representatives firmed up arrangements pertaining to the opening of another production facility for specialized assemblies slated to open in Brazil. In addition to providing the leverage of an economy of scale, Teslight's new production and assembly facilities also particularly empower the company's ongoing research and development initiatives and strategic partnerships with resources including superior talent pools and long-term economic advantages.

As the globally advancing "Internet of Things" drives demand for integrating more sophisticated applications for LED lighting, energy control technologies, sensors, and device platforms, Teslights actively develops enhanced capabilities to significantly influence market directions by designing exciting new integrations and inventing unprecedented high-technology products. The world's only producer of an internal 0-10V dimmable Smart control-ready T8 LED, Teslights innovations are leading the way ahead, as more dramatic disruptions to industries are expected to result from expanding and emerging connectivity technologies including WiFi, LiFi, advanced sensor applications, integrating multi-platform technologies for Smart Cities.

Teslights always invites your inquiry, and warmly welcomes our opportunity to show you how much real ROI value we can deliver as the world's only true All-In-One solution provider for all LED and smart energy control systems.

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