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Teslights LLC announces new growth milestone with expansion into Argentina

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Teslights, the market leading innovator for Smart LED Lighting and Integrated Energy Control technologies, proudly celebrates the upcoming launch of our new Argentina Branch, with grand opening ceremonies to commence October 1st of this year.

The establishment of Teslights’ newest branch will hallmark the most impactful LED Lighting news for Argentina since a major metropolitan city center began urbanizing with 91,000 LED street lamps. Buenos Aires’ prudent city planners now expect that this decision will enable “Smart City Savings” estimated at 50% of the current power usage -- and proportionally commensurate monetary energy costs.

Known for clear strategic superiority and corporate excellence in global governance, Teslights’ executive team selected Argentina as the next step for growth in a logical progression of entering markets with a particularly bold kind of precision execution -- one that consistently disrupts status quos, while delighting markets by influencing industries in the host nation for the better.

Teslights warmly invites interested parties to request a complimentary, customized platform of information that will empower leaders and decision makers with the actionable intelligence they need for measureable ROI enhancements and advancements to the state of their Smart LED Lighting and total energy management.

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