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Teslights Presents Smart City Concepts At International Technology Summit

IMM - Smart Cities

Elected officials, technology pioneers, and international business leaders representing a great variety and diversity of global communities recently all converged in Montevideo, Uruguay’s largest city and chief port, for a multi-day series of panel discussions relating to matters of common interest to the nascent development of global Smart Cities, and featuring presentations demonstrating State-of-the-Art exhibitions of the world’s newest, most innovative Smart City technologies.

As the mayor of the nation’s capital city commenced ceremonies with an uplifting introduction, industry representatives and media observers reporting on business, finance, and technology industry news all prepared to enjoy several days of informal talks and revealing presentations led by Smart City-centric technology pioneers from around the world -- many representing the Western Hemisphere of the Americas -- all gathered together in Montevideo. A founding member of key regional American trade organizations (including MERCOSUR) and global headquarters for ALADI (Latin American Integration Association), Uruguay has always manifested superlative national leadership for regional cooperation, trade, and economic growth; providing among the most competitively empowering business environments to be found among free world governments today.

Summit participants collectively amassed together a series of impressive presentations, yielding a strategic coalescence of different perspectives featuring rich aspects of the diverse cultural, social, civic, municipal, practical, and financial considerations that become prominent issues whenever leaders plan to cooperate towards the substantial progress to human civilization that Smart City advancements positively represent for any community. Among the emerging sustainability technologies that speakers discussed were a number of individually distinct -- yet ultimately convergent -- dimensions of trajectories for Smart City development, including transportation, critical infrastructure, healthcare, building and facility management, citizen participation in city life, civil governmental administration, safety and security, and prudent municipal management of common energy resources.

In a grandly absorbing and monumental multimedia display stretching from one side of the stage to the other, audience members were treated to a visually opulent and technically comprehensive presentation during the Teslights inspirational exhibition -- which envisions a model Smart City for Earth’s future, featuring integrated inclusion of sustainable key technologies that are all available today – technologies which were themselves the topical subjects of other impressive presentations made by conference participants during the summit.

During a keynote speech immediately following the Teslights panel presentation, company CEO Fernando Cancela revealed that his company's express interests include a strong focus on exploring new ways that more companies can take actively participatory roles to lead the empowerment of new national, regional, and global industry associations to be formed ahead. In his remarks, Cancela elaborated that as our new age of global connectivity and Smart Cities gives rise to new generations of technologies, new shared standards become necessary, as do new industry associations; including new strategic alliances that promote integrative collaborations for alternative public-private business models among Smart City technologists and government leaders.

While known primarily for producing the world’s finest LED Lighting products, Teslights experts possess the proven capability to install real-time Smart Total Energy Management systems which actually unleash an intelligent city-wide full-broadband connectivity for Smart technologies that can be scaled for measured growth, by simply leveraging the local lighting system's architecture. Since this public infrastructure already exists as street lighting throughout any modern city, new installations of Smart City technologies have now positively become a 100% scalable -- and therefore highly appealing -- civic enterprise for the grand majority of modern cities currently operating worldwide.

For perceptive mayors and city leaders with foresightful courage, this new fulcrum for municipal leverage over the globally emergent "Internet of Things" represents a turning point and conceptual shift, that serves to empower stakeholders in overcoming financial objections to urbanizing and modernizing, and actively stimulates an economically-advantageous "bootstrap" integration potential for installing Smart City enhancements at a comfortable pace for prudent -- and economically-achievable -- municipal adoption, delivering affordable features that command the citizen user’s attention through delightfully engaging experiences as they participate in municipal services for a safer and more conveniently pleasant city life experience.

Teslights LLC cheerfully welcomes mayors, city planners, private commercial building owners, and managers of public or industrial facilities of any size to connect with us directly so that our experts can show you exactly how the benefits and advantages will accrue for you, once you begin using Teslights Smart LED and Total Energy Management Solutions to run your Smart City or your Smart Facility.

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