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Teslights Announces New Filings For Intellectual Property


Teslights Announces New Filings For Intellectual Property Holdings With Patent Pending Discoveries Of Advanced Smart LED Technologies

Teslights LLC, the global leader in Smart LED lighting, is pleased to announce an unprecedented and remarkably innovative new patent-pending design configuration for the International Standard T8 LED. The international standard T8 lamp is the current global choice for new construction and features prominently when building or retrofitting new lighting fixtures into modern residential, commercial, industrial, medical, and governmental facilities worldwide.

Reaching far beyond simply manufacturing the world’s highest-quality Smart LED lighting components, from time to time Teslights’ masterclass engineers and industrial design teams find themselves producing exciting and valuable intellectual properties as the inevitable resultant fruit of ambitious research and development initiatives.

Teslights’ most recent design triumph represents a brilliant, novel way for the T8 to shine -- now patent-pending -- which combines several of the company’s most popular Smart LED elements, with internal control-ready 0-10v dimmable features, into the first-ever successful realization of this particular configuration – a technological first, and an exciting new invention in the ongoing history of modern lighting.

Teslights brand awareness continues to succeed winning mindshare within the LED Lighting industry’s growing markets by aggressively committing to benchmarking new OEM standards while supporting strategic research initiatives that create entire new product categories.

The successful process Teslights employs for managing innovation commands attention, merging considerations for advancing progress of technical capabilities with aesthetics for supreme end-user comfort, security, and ease of operations with efficiently modern beauty and style.

Along with new LED product designs, Smart controls, and a tremendous variety of intelligent sensors, Teslights has even created a smartphone App integration that empowers customers to securely control every aspect of the energy they use -- at every site facility, and within every area of responsibility.

Teslights LLC openly extends our warmly welcoming invitation to all facility managers, building owners, and economically-oriented parties interested in substantially improving their financial conditions, work ecosystems, and energy efficiency per square foot with Smart application of Teslights superior LED technologies.

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