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World Record in Energy Efficiency

Governments and business leaders work together in the search for energy solutions that allow some users to satisfy their energy demands and others to lower the monthly cost of their electrical bill

In today’s world the use of LED Lighting is becoming increasingly important due to its significant properties. These factors include low power consumption, better performance, longer functional lifetimes of use, as well as the positive environmental aspect of not generating toxic residues.

Different companies have arisen to compete in this (global, multibillion dollar) industry, offering varieties of products that claim to be comparatively better or more efficient than the products of competitors.

It is within this environment we find that, once again, the Uruguayan National Fernando Cancela (CEO and founder of Teslights) has seized the leadership advantage ahead of the rest of the industry – achieving the world record in LED efficiency – as determined by the Department of Energy of the United States.

Go Team La Celeste!

Teslights, a U.S. company whose corporate logo shares the same colors as our national sports teams, registered a record 190 lumens per watt output in its product line of LED tubes (which are made to replace antiquated and underperforming fluorescent tubes.)

Cancela, operating from the U.S. for over 12 years (with more than six in the LED industry), communicates with pride about the work he has been doing with his team.

The company already has commercial offices on five continents and much of its managerial staff is composed of Uruguayan citizens. Cities located in the U.S., Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Serbia, South Africa and China, were chosen to meet the demand worldwide.

In its strategic plan for 2016, it is the opening of a manufacturing plant in Brazil. This initiative will give a major boost to the region, to have products that are original MERCOSUR.

Teslights offers lighting solutions, where the most efficient products are accompanied by a high level of services from the group of professionals the company provides for each project.

In this scenario, a team of technicians, architects, and installers offer a computer modeling of efficiency for your lamps, controllers, and sensors. These devices combine to fulfill the function of multiplying the energy savings, upgrading lighting quality, improving the lighting level – and revaluing the property.

As if this were not enough, Teslights offers financing options that empower the customer into a position to say “Yes please, I do!”


The advance of replacement lamps with LED technology grows exponentially year after year, since thanks to technological advances, you can replace the classic 36 W fluorescent tube with one LED that consumes 10 W.

While both products have a difference in price when you purchase them, it is the differences in technological aspects that tip the balance in favor of the LED tube. The entire line of LED lamps have a lifespan of 50,000 hours -- equivalent to more than five years -- while keeping almost 100% of its output properties.

For its part, the fluorescent tube loses 30% of its brightness (and in the first 90 days of use!) and its lifespan is 3 times shorter. As concerns environmental protection, the toxic mercury found inside each fluorescent lamp can contaminate up to 20,000 liters of water.

Pablo Schoenig, Teslights COO who leads business operations in South America, states that in Uruguay there are few effective controls regulating lighting fixtures themselves -- or protocols for disposing of the wastes they contain.

The executive stated that Uruguay is working with national standards organization U.N.I.T. (headquartered in Montevideo) to match the controls for quality standards that are exercised in other countries. Already operating at Mr. Schoenig’s proposed level are the United States, as well as neighboring Argentina. “This will favor not only the companies that have certified products, it will also favor consumers,” said Schoenig. The Teslights COO believes that consumers “should know that the LED lamp they buy will function as the packaging promises.”

The situation will also be beneficial to clarify “how to deal with the highly toxic waste generated by fluorescent lamps,” said Schoenig.

With the record for efficiency already achieved, the strategy being undertaken by the company Teslights is to make quality LED products more approachable.

Usually, in consumer markets, products are presented with advertising that makes claims that are not achieved in reality.

But the recent achievement is just the next step up for this group of Uruguayans who are already working on their next challenge: to grow beyond their own significant triumphs.

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