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Teslights Announces Creation of the Teslights Marine Division

Teslights Marine

Teslights and LED Global Systems have proudly announced the formation of an exciting new alliance capable of engineering unprecedented strategic growth for the LED Lighting industry.

The initiative, called Teslights Marine Lighting, will provide professional stewardship for supporting the increasing rate of LED Lighting technology among mariners navigating inland waterways and open seas.

This mutually empowering alliance consists of a true partnership in the LED industry, joined together for the direct benefit of the Marine and Maritime industry.

Teslights Marine Lighting will manufacture LED Lighting in strict compliance with international quality standards for the marine environment, including owners and operators of inland, Intracoastal, and blue water vessels, as well as ship fabrication and repair yards.

To join in the launch of the newest leading-edge LED products and technologies for the Marine industry, set your agenda to visit Teslights Marine at this year’s Inland Marine Expo (IMX), May 10-12 in St. Louis, MO at the Dickson Marine Supply booth #527.

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