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Teslights Announces Latest Strategic Alliance with International Expansion in Peru

Teslights LLC today announced the formation of a strategic partnership agreement in Peru with Transligra S.A.C, Peru's leading national-level provider of Tier-1 business computer systems and Internet Technology consulting.

The company’s national product launch in Peru with Transligra has catapulted Teslight’s LED Lighting and Smart control technologies firmly among the ranks of Fortune 10 and Fortune 25 companies now similarly positioned for serving growing Smart City-centric markets in the western hemisphere of the Americas.

Teslights and Transligra’s expansions now continue to proceed serially along the companys’ strategic roadmap, well-calculated to deliver compellingly superior technologies --and exemplary industry standards-- to the most dynamic markets globally with particular emphasis on high-ROI sustainable LED Lighting technologies.

Teslights and Transligra welcome all inquiries for commercial, industrial, and government properties to receive the extensive ownership benefits directly accruable with our LED Lighting conversion cost savings solutions featuring Smart Total Energy Management.

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