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Teslights Announces New Latin American Partnership Featuring Romis and La Oficina

Montevideo, URUGUAY…

Teslights proudly celebrates announcement of a strategic new alliance featuring Romis and La Oficina; highly-respected and well-established local providers of commercial and industrial business facility solutions to the South American market.

This extensive multilateral agreement reached successful culmination as the highly-anticipated result of an extremely productive private meeting attended by chief executives from all three companies and included the presence of top professional architects, engineers, and multimedia professionals.

The exciting new international partnership will enable an effectively-leveraged geographical distribution of world-leading LED Lights, Smart Controls, and Sensor technologies, centered in one of the most upwardly-global and technologically emergent Smart Cities on earth-- Montevideo, Uruguay.

This mutually-empowering alliance consists of a true partnership joined together for the empowerment of commercial and industrial facilities to realize their “highest and best” potential configurations for lighting efficiency and energy savings.

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