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"Improving every day to exceed expectations". Marcelo Mesa – President Teslights Spain

Improving every day to exceed expectations.

I am proud to be a part of Teslights.

When Fernando Cancela told me his ideas for Spain, I thought it was an excellent project, a great professional and personal opportunity, with the added value of working with a great friend.

The time elapsed from that day until today, did nothing but reinforce that idea. Our company has long exceeded my initial expectations and every day we go one step further. Paying great attention to detail, we keep working towards getting our customers the same level of satisfaction by seeing their expectations met.

With a dynamic, effective and personalized business model that continuously seeks the development of our products, we achieve the goal of manufacturing high quality LED lighting.

All these factors together and many more, make us better, different; so we will continue our efforts to progress every day to exceed the expectations of our customers as we have done so far.

Marcelo Mesa – President Teslights Spain

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